Holy Week Roundup!

March 20, 2016

The following content is reposted from Faith and Wonder!

Palm Sunday

Matthew 21:1-11
As told by the Rev. Jeff Krehbiel

For more Palm Sunday story learning/discussion ideas check the original post HERE.

You can also catch the Story Divine podcast from Palm Sunday last year:

Holy Week with Story Divine

Hear the story of Holy Week as told by Casey FitzGerald on Story Divine. (This is a collection from last year–Casey is currently on maternity leave.)

Episode 11.1 Memory Reboot

Episode 11.2 Not I, Lord!

Episode 11.3 EXPOSED

Episode 11.4 I Don’t Know This Man!

Episode 11.5 he was crucified

Episode 11.6 he was buried

Episode 11.7 HE IS RISEN

(Or find any of the Story Divine episodes on iTunes!)


(My favorite video of all time. It was such a joy to make.)

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