About Story Divine

Story Divine is a podcast from Faith and Wonder dedicated to the telling of biblical stories. Each week host and storyteller Casey FitzGerald will tell stories from scripture, offer brief thoughts on the story, and provide a personal storytelling prompt to listeners.

The stories featured will be chosen from the upcoming Revised Common Lectionary texts–so this will be a terrific way to prepare for the Sunday to come! Preachers can hear the story told as they prepare their sermons–others can come to worship having already engaged with the story at hand.

These are the stories of God, for the people of God.


About Casey FitzGerald

Casey FitzGerald is a Presbyterian pastor and Master Biblical Storyteller serving in Northern Virginia. She has her B.A. in Religion from Colgate University, M.Div. from Princeton Casey 5Theological Seminary, and her Master Certification in Biblical Storytelling through the Academy for Biblical Storytelling and is a member of the Network of Biblical Storytellers. She has performed biblical stories and led workshops in various settings including churches, seminaries, and national conferences. Casey believes that a return to the oral tradition of sharing the stories of God is essential for the formation of disciples now and in the future. Through her blogs, videos, and podcasts, Casey encourages all to learn and tell the stories of God.

Dedicated to King the Dog

King FitzGerald is an 11-ish-year-old dog who has lived through many things…including the addition of three family 10848732_10152638313498499_800903660077031132_omembers since his adoption. He is sweet and loved by all who meet him…and could use some attention…so he’s reaching out through the inter-webs. He only communicates via barks and the occasional morse-code-like-tapping of his feet. Though the claim remains unconfirmed, King believes himself to be the first dog-caster.

King died in September of 2016. He was an amazing and patient dog, and was integral in giving Casey the confidence to begin podcasting. He was sweet and faithful, and just the steady companion needed to help bring Story Divine into the world. 

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