TWO stories today: Isaiah 6:1-8 and John 3:1-17

Watch the Nicodemus Story! 

HERE is my post on Practicing Families–do a family liturgy using John 3 (also includes the video posted above!)

Thanks to Oraly Spatz for her answer to my story prompt. You can read the rest HERE.

Thanks to Richard Bruxvoort Colligan for the story prompt! Check out his work at and the Pulpit Fiction Podcast.

Story Prompts:
For Isaiah: Tell a story of an experience of witnessing something that made you see yourself more clearly.

For John: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan suggests that we tell a story of our own experience of power…such as “ones that have been destructive or disruptive in our past, ones we name helpful and healing, one’s where the jury’s still out what it was about.” Thanks, Richard!!!

Thoughts? Comments?

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Casey FitzGerald tells John 3:1-21

Check out for amazing resources!

The Psalm video of the kids will be posted TOMORROW.

Kids tell John 3


For more info on our prayer stations from the day we featured the John 3 stories, click HERE.

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